The Gathering LTD will provide an array of comprehensive services ranging from week long camps to a few hours of activities uniquely structured for each individual based on their stay.


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Nature Healing

The Gathering LTD combines nature with healing to relax the mind in one of our many healing gardens and common areas.

Nutrition and Diet development

At the helms of our industrial kitchens, adults and children will learn the importance of healthy eating with hands on activities for cooking and meal prep.

Farming and Mechanicals

A day in the fields and utility shops will provide hands-on learning activities for those skill-sets capable of maintenance and mechanic work.

Recreational Services

30+ acres of land and a world class recreational center provide a plethora of activities for those staying a few hours to an entire week.

Day Services

Dive into a personally designed program based on the services and activities offered on a particular day in an environment meant for personal attention.

Physical Therapy

Physical stimulation and exercise delivered by accredited professionals to develop gross motor skills.

Occupational Therapy

Development of fine and gross motor skills at the caring hands licensed OT therapists.


An environment created for a deeper type of therapeutic development with animals on site.

Aqua Therapy

Individuals will have a chance to further muscle development in our heated exercise pools.

Psychological Development

Classroom and 1:1 settings provide an opportunity to enhance learning and intellectual skills.

Sensory Room Therapy

State of the art sensory rooms developed by accredited universities to provide calming therapeutic tactics.