What The Gathering would mean to me, and my beautiful family is... A safe place for Nate and Ben's EVERY need to be met. 

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The Gathering will be a place where he can grow. Our son is very social and loves the outdoors. He also loves animals, especially horses.

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No more outdoor vacations or bike rides for the family. Not being there when my father was hospitalized. The Gathering could change that for me. It could even allow me to take my son to college and help him move in.

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The Gathering is a way to provide relief to families while creating a higher quality of living for individuals with special needs.

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Caring for a disabled loved one is time consuming and emotionally draining at times. Finding quality care is challenging. There is a huge demand for a safe, nurturing caregiver that can give you time to recharge. The Gathering can fill this void.


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